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This is my newest adventure,! Here you'll find great information about our Upcoming Trips, web only Special Offers and more. I'm going to offer you my best deals, and as long as you keep looking here regularly, you'll get them prior to my mailers going out!

While I'm not in the office planning your next trip, I'm out travelling the world with a current group of folks who are having the time of their lives! Even though we're busy having fun, I still pop into an internet cafe here and there and under my Where's Alan? section, I'll keep you up to date on where I am and what we're all doing.

Looking for my latest mailer offers? How about the latest mailer offers before the mailer even goes out?! This is the place to find all my trips that I will mail out to my list and you'll find them here first. From the Far East to the tips of Africa and beyond, come join me walk the volcanoes of Hawaii or cruise the fjords of Norway! A fun, relaxing vacation is just a click away!

Sometimes we get last minute special deals from the cruise lines, hotels and airlines that we'd love to be able to offer you. Before, we had no way of getting this information out to you in time. Now we do! You never know what you might find in my Special Offers section, but you can be sure of one thing - the deals will be fantastic!

Travelling the world without worry can take a lot of knowledge. In my Travel Tips section, I'll give you my top tips to be a savvy traveller and have your trip be even more enjoyable!

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